Overview of MakerDAO | Dai ⬙

Maker is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that manages the Dai Stablecoin System on the Ethereum blockchain.

A decentralized stablecoin is the required component necessary to unlock the next phase of the digital financial revolution. Maker has taken the best parts of earlier stablecoin designs and combined them into the ultimate decentralized currency: Dai (Unicode symbol: ⬙)

The fact that Maker is a DAO means that it is possible for anyone, anywhere to become a part of Maker and help build the backbone of a new economy.

MKR holders are the highest authority in the Maker system. They help govern the system and benefit when they govern it well, but they also must foot the bill if things are mismanaged. As a group they need strong social cooperation and a vigilant attitude towards governance.

The most crucial part of the Dai Stablecoin System is the CDP platform. CDPs are smart contracts that hold the collateral assets that guarantee the value of outstanding Dai, while simultaneously serving as a platform for decentralized margin trading; with lower costs and higher security than what is possible with current solutions.

The Dai stablecoin and the CDP platform combine to offer a global decentralized finance solution that can benefit every community, from unbanked rural populations to Wall Street.

Below is a collection of resources for anyone interested in exploring MakerDAO with official documentation, beginner guides, analysis pieces, tools, partnership announcements, AMAs, podcasts, 3rd party apps, and much more.

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Use Your Dai

3rd Party Apps, Integrations, and Tools

  • Bounty0x: Fund or complete bounties with/for Dai, ETH, and other tokens

  • Bounties Network: Earn Dai, ETH, or other tokens by working on freelance projects or fund your own

  • DeFi Saver | CDP Marketplace: Web app that helps users protect their CDPs from liquidation + CDP Marketplace

  • Gilded Finance: Invoicing in Dai

  • LNDR: Expense sharing app by Blockmason

  • Liquid Long: Open a leveraged ETH position in a single transaction, choose your leverage

  • PoolTogether: Lossless Lottery using Dai

  • Pool Dai: No-loss donation protocol enabling people to pool money together, lend it out, and donate the interest to a cause

  • Whisp.Money: Dai payroll solution

3rd Party CDP Portals

Spend Your Dai

  • AdEx Network: A protocol and platform for decentralized advertising on blockchain, using DAI as payment method for advertisers on the platform.

  • Bidali: Buy gift cards with Dai

  • CelerX: Play eSports games, win crypto prizes

  • Event tickets, sell your event's tickets for crypto (including DAI)

  • NeedsList: Purchase items that are critically needed and help with disaster preparedness

  • OpenSea: Buy and sell digital goods and assets, make offers in Dai

  • Unicef: Donate your Dai

  • Wirex: Visa debit card that can be top-up with DAI

Lend Your Dai

  • Compound.Finance: Lending and Borrowing Platform for Crypto

  • DyDx: Decentralized Dai Lending

  • Dharma: Earn interest

  • Nexo: Centralized

  • Celcius: Centralized

  • Ethichub: Provide p2p Loans to Communities Around the Globe

  • Nuo: Lend, borrow, and margin trade your Dai, ETH, and other ERC20 tokens

Watch Your Dai

Hold Your Dai

Hardware Wallets

Mobile Wallets

Mobile and Browser Wallets

Hybrid Wallets: Mobile + Desktop

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Paper Wallets

Trade Your Dai

Dai and MKR Markets

Token Swaps

Noncustodial Exchanges

Custodial Exchanges

Merchant Solutions

Open-Source payment processors

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Multi Collateral Dai

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Developer Resources


These are resources that overlap between Single-Collateral Dai and Multi-Collateral Dai.

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Single-Collateral Dai






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Multi-Collateral Dai


While MCD is on a TestNet, contract addresses are subject to change. Visit for up-to-date information.



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