Awesome-MakerDAO: Maintenance Guide

Awesome-MakerDAO is a community-curated list of MakerDAO-related content and resources to which anyone can contribute. The long-term goal is developing a self-maintaining document, where anyone can get paid to add or update content and find and replace typos, with clear guidelines around how to update its resources.

This guide details the suggested logic contributors should follow to improve Awesome-MakerDAO.

  • Follow the provided guidelines to help preserve a consistent and clean formatting style.

  • Keep Awesome-MakerDAO relevant.

    • Add, delete, and/or relocate resources when appropriate.

    • Request approval before removing resources or when restructuring sections.

Bounties and Incentives

The MakerDAO Community Grants program supports members that provide useful contributions and improve Maker's document base. Inquire about bounties and incentives in #community-development on MakerDAO's chat.

AMD Documents

AMD Maintenance Standards


New users should see Awesome-MakerDAO as their starting-point to learn about Maker. Members should be able to share AMD with friends and acquaintances that are looking for a crash course on Maker and its basics.

  • Documentation should prioritize:

    • Informative and comprehensive resources.

    • A clear and organized structure.

    • Easy navigation.

    • Visual appeal.

  • Find and update:

    • Deviations from the Writing Style Guide.

    • Dead or outdated links.

    • Improperly dated resources.

    • Resources to credit authors.

Including and Discarding Resources

  • Update categories with current and relevant resources.

    • Add new resources to an appropriate section.

    • When adding new content, consider the project's age, user base, and whether its main net has been live for at least six months.

  • Discard content that is no longer relevant, repetitive, of low quality, or does not add value.

  • Move outdated content to the Archive.

    • Do not move content that is still relevant to a section.

      • Only move content if it is still interesting, otherwise, discard it.

    • Some resources may already be eligible for the Archive, especially those over a year old.

Style and Formatting

Writing Style Guide

The MakerDAO Community Writing Style Guide summarizes the standards and best practices writers should follow when contributing to Awesome-MakerDAO.

  • Errors are sometimes overlooked. If something does not adhere to the Writing Style Guide, change it to match.

  • Before starting work on AMD, contributors are encouraged to study the Writing Style Guide as well as the other community contributor guides.

Citing and Organizing Content


  • Use title case when possible.

  • Include the month and year of publication.

    • If a date is not listed, inspect the web page, as it may reveal publishing information.

  • Credit authors and sources when possible.

  • Publication information should be in italics below the link.

  • Keep the formatting style within sections consistent.

    • New citations and links should match a section's existing formatting style.


  • Order educational content by relevance.

    • A user's experience when reading through an educational section should approximate taking a course on that topic.

    • The first resource should be considered basics, and the rest of the list should build upon each resource.

  • Order generic content by date.

  • Order third-party apps and services alphabetically.

    • Maker does not pick favorites, and alphabetical lists are impartial.

  • When there is no order preference, sort content alphabetically.

Maintenance Guidelines by Section

The section below lists specific formatting, styles, and resource inclusion criteria for each section. If no particular format is given, follow the general AMD style and formatting standards.



  • Add any new Maker dashboards, tools, and platforms.

  • Check to ensure all links are current.

  • Keep this list organized by order of importance.


  • Update this list when Maker joins a new channel.

  • Maintain the alphabetical format.


  • Update "Join" links if meetings migrate to a new service.


  • This list should contain links to official MakerDAO bounties.


  • List new FAQs below the legacy MCD | SCD collection.

  • Add to the legacy list only if the FAQ has a parallel SCD version.

    • Match the MCD | SCD format.

  • Maintain the alphabetical format.


Onboarding Guides

  • Add the latest onboarding guides.

  • Make sure links are current.

Beginner | Tutorials

Note: These sections may need improvement.


  • Help newcomers learn the basics of MakerDAO.

  • Suggest alternative organizational structures to improve the current logic.

    • Look for ways to more clearly present learning materials.

  • Review new proposals in #community-development on MakerDAO's chat.


  • Add new tutorials and beginner materials to an appropriate section.

  • Follow the maintenance standards for including content.

Stablecoins in General


  • Consider ways to improve this section's logic.

  • Include sources that offer general discussions about stablecoins and their place in crypto.

  • Follow the maintenance standards for including content.

Other Stablecoin Projects

  • Update this list to include new and existing stablecoin projects.

  • Include a brief description of how the project functions.

    • New resources should match the section's existing formatting style.

  • Maintain the alphabetical format.

  • Remove defunct or failed projects.

In-Depth Analysis

MakerDAO 101 | 201

  • Update this list with in-depth educational resources related to MakerDAO.

  • Group resources by difficulty level:

    • MakerDAO 101: Introductory level materials that a novice can understand.

    • MakerDAO 201: Advanced materials that discuss topics, which require background knowledge about MakerDAO and cryptocurrency.

  • Follow the maintenance standards for including content.

Maker Protocol

  • Keep this section current with the latest updates to MCD Docs.

  • Updates should be consistent with the section's existing formatting style.

Governance and Risk


  • The section should include educational materials on MakerDAO Governance.

  • Follow the maintenance standards when citing content.

  • Order resources by relevance.

    • Reading this list in order should roughly approximate a course on MakerDAO Governance.

Analytics | Meetings | Discussions

  • Forum: Update to include any changes to the Governance Forum.

    • Add new platforms if they host official governance discussions.

  • Meetings: Update the "Join" link if meetings migrate to a new service.

  • Analytics: Update this section if the Governance Analytics Dashboard expands.

  • Consider adding new sections as Maker grows.

Voting Basics

  • Keep this section updated with the latest voter onboarding documents and tutorials.

  • Make sure the latest Voting Dashboard is listed.


Note: Suggest ideas to combine, condense, or restructure sections to help improve this section's logic.

Generate Dai

  • Include the latest methods for generating Dai.

  • Order content by relevance.

    • Users reading down this list should first learn about Generating Dai, and then be able to set up a vault.

Earn Dai

  • List platforms and services where users can earn Dai.

Hold Dai

Note: Suggest ideas to combine, condense, or restructure sections to help improve this section's logic.

  • Add new wallets to an appropriate category.

  • Keep these lists alphabetical.

Use | Spend Dai

Note: Suggest ideas to combine, condense, or restructure sections to help improve this section's logic.

  • Choose an appropriate section to add platforms and services that incorporate Dai.

  • Add a short description of the platform or service.

  • Keep these lists alphabetical.

Lend Dai

  • Add platforms and services that offer Dai lending.

  • Add a short description.

    • Match description formats to the the rest of the content.

  • Keep this list alphabetical.

Trade Dai

  • Order all trading lists alphabetically.

Dai and MKR Markets

  • Add platforms that track DAI and MKR markets.

  • Do not include CoinMarketCap.

    • CMC information is not considered reliable.

Token Swaps

  • Include platforms that let users swap tokens straight from their wallets.

Non-Custodial Exchanges

  • Include popular decentralized exchanges.

Custodial Exchanges

  • Include popular custodial exchanges.

  • List countries in which the exchange is active.

Crypto | Fiat - On/Off Ramps

  • Update this list with the latest on/off ramps.

  • List active countries.

    • Include restrictions and license listings if available.

Watch Dai

  • Monitor Vaults: Include tools that help users manage Vaults.

  • Analytics | Metrics: Include resources that track the state of DeFi.

  • Stablecoin Comparisons: Include resources that offer stablecoin comparisons.

  • Include a short description of the platforms and services.

    • Match the description's formatting to other content in this section.

  • Keep these lists alphabetical.

Milestones | Achievements

  • Include resources that mark important events in MakerDAO's history.

  • Include ratified Governance Polls for innovative proposals.

    • Avoid routine proposals, like rate adjustments.

  • Follow the maintenance standards for citing content.

  • Group resources by year.

    • Keep the existing formatting style consistent.

Media Coverage

  • Add relevant media coverage to an appropriate section.

  • Keep each section's format consistent.

    • Content should be grouped by year and media style.

    • Match the section's existing grouping format.

  • Follow the maintenance standards for citing content.


  • Include notable interviews with MakerDAO team members.

  • Follow the maintenance standards for citing content.

    • Group interviews by media format and by year.

Podcasts | Videos

  • Include podcasts and videos that discuss Dai, MakerDAO, or feature MakerDAO team members.

Speculation | Criticism

  • Add insightful resources that speculate on MakerDAO's future to Speculation.

  • Add insightful resources that offer counterarguments, rebuttals, and refutations of the MakerDAO project to Criticism.

    • Add arguments if they hold merit.

      • Do not hold back.

      • Critical pieces may identify previously unknown issues.

      • This can help Maker address issues as they arise.

  • Follow the maintenance standards for citing content.

    • Keep the existing formatting style consistent.


  • Add only notable Dai and MakerDAO mentions.

    • Include mentions that are important, unusual, unexpected, or otherwise interesting.

  • Follow the maintenance standards for citing content.

  • Group content by year.

    • Keep the existing formatting style consistent.

    • Preserve the grouping format when adding new years.

Audits | Security

  • Include the latest audits, security assessments, and formal verifications.

  • List reports under a relevant category.

    • Create a new category if an appropriate one does not exist.

    • Order by date (Newest -> Oldest).

  • Follow the maintenance standards for citing content.

    • Be sure to credit the security firm.

    • Match formatting to other existing links in this section.

Developer Resources

  • This section should primarily reviewed and updated by MakerDAO developers.

  • Some or all of the SCD resources may need to be consolidated or archived.

Translated Resources

Note: Maker's current AMD collection of foreign and translated resources is sparse. Add resources to expand it.

  • Add miscellaneous translated resources and foreign content.

    • Add resources to a relevant category.

    • If an appropriate category does not exist, create one for it.

  • As this collection expands, it may make sense to list dedicated translations under each category above.

Archived Resources

  • Move outdated, but interesting, resources to the Archive.

    • Retain the original formatting and category header if appropriate.

  • Delete content that is no longer relevant.

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